Ubi Caritas Gravestones & Milestone Marble & Granite cc manufactures beautiful gravestones, tops and working surfaces from granite, marble and engineered stone (Technistone) for residential and commercial use.

We have experienced staff to deliver work of high quality and craftsmanship. Due to our years of experience, we are able to assist and advise homeowners, architects, contractors and joiners with any specification concerning granite, marble and Technistone (engineered stone).

We are able to handle both large and small projects to exact specifications and timeframes. Granite and Technistone are available in a variety of colours and pricing options which will accommodate any specification, design and budget requirements.

Granite, Marble and Technistone are obtained from local as well as international suppliers.


Objective & Mission:

We aim to strengthen our role in the industry by continuously improving our standards for quality and competitive rates.


Service & Production:

Genuine, high quality granite products, gravestones and table tops for kitchens, offices and entertainment areas.



Granite is an ingenious rock that is composed of four minerals, from magma that has cooled far under the earth�s surface over hundreds of years. It is very hard and weathers slowly. Granite is highly resistant to heat, scratches and cracks and requires low maintenance.

Marble is porous and a softer stone than granite and requires more attention.

Technistone (engineered stone):
Technistone is a fine quartz / granite composite stone, made by bretonstone technology. It contains about 90% of natural crushed granite and quartz bound together with high-performance polyester resin and light-fast pigments. Technistone is also very hard and requires low maintenance; it is guaranteed for 25 years.



Milestone Marble & Granite CC for all your table top needs.